I have already started another smaller organ designed to work from a car battery . The intention is to be "stand alone" or linked to "ChrisTina" to act as a ghost organ.

It is based on the 65 key scale "Topsy" organ designed by John Smith

January 2007

The small organ has had the bellows made & the first 4 bass pipes installed into a temporary case, the counter melody pipes made & the wind chest they will use started.

Over the next 12 months when time And Grandchildren permitted the pipes were made.

Some of the pipes during assembly

Next was the main wind chest. I already had enough chest magnets left over from a job lot I had bought from ebay so the pipe layout had to be modified slightly to accommodate them. The organ needed to be wider than the plans stated in order to use them. This turned out to be an advantage in that a larger set of bellows and reservoir could be made because when first tried to play there was not enough wind supply for some of the music


Unlike John smith's topsy, I used a magnet under every pipe, but could still switch the second rank of pipes on & off by using a switch (relay) on the return line.
One of the hardest parts was working out where, and which way to mitre the pipes to fit them into case.

Lynda operates using 12 volt electric supply. She can either use a 240v power supply or a 12volt battery. I am told that a 12amphour battery should last for about 5 -6 hours use. With hand turning this should be long enough!!


The front art work has been done, by my artist friend, to complement ChrisTina


It had always been the intention to link this organ to ChrisTina to play duets and also be able to play solo in its own right. This has now been made relatively simple, now that the control board can be modified by the operator in a few seconds.

All the other Topsy's have the bottom note as A. But the music recognises this note as C. There is no problem in joining two (or more) Topsy's together as they are all in the same key, so will sound ok. The problem is when the other organ is in a different key.

As Christina is fully chromatic the simplest way was to reconfigure Lynda so that each pipe played the same note that was called for in the music. this meant raising the pitch of Lynda by 3 semitones so that when C is called for in the music the C pipe will sound instead of the A pipe. This is all done by computer & can also be reversed back again, simply by playing a special music file into the organ.

Lynda has now been on a number of outings with Christina playing music arranged as duets & also on her own in the amateur organ builders marquee at The Great Dorset Steam Fair where she joined two other Topsy's to play trios - what a sound that was!!

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